Turkmenistan's gas price to China and Gazprom

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As of 13 February 2012
Turkmenistan gas price to
  • China is : 192 $ / 1000 m3 (5.48 $/mmbtu)
  • Gazprom is: 240 $ / 1000 m3 (6.85 $/mmbtu
Prior to 2009. revenues from the sale of natural gas accounted for about 70% of the gross national product. In better times, in 2008. Turkmenistan Gazprom sold about 50 billion cubic meters. meters of natural gas valued at approximately $ 7 billion.
2010, volume of purchases fell to an annual 11 billion cubic meters
Gas exports to Iran is limited to 8 billion cubic meters.

izvestia.ru, as reported www.centrasia.ru.
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