According to
Turkmenistan has cut gas to Iran from 20 million m3 to 10 million m3. Even to 6 million m3
Iran-Turkmenistan pipeline capacity 50 million m3 (mcm)
Iran reduced gas to Turkey to 30 million m3(?)
Kommersant claims Gazprom has not fulfilled its duties to Europe
%10 incomplete delivery to Europe
Gazprom" for the first time recognizes that fail to meet the peak load
With Nordstream Gazprom's export capacity hit 210 bcm(billion cubic meters), but article claims it can not export 180 bcm
Poland, Slovakia, Austria, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Greece and Italy. The most serious deficiency - in Austria (30%), Italy (24%) and Poland (8%)
Turkey is supplied more than 8 mcm/day than contracted(?),
Poland received 38 mcm/day instead of 40 mcm/day
Italy claims short supply of 10-20 mcm/day (95.7 mcm/day received instead of 108.3)

Cold weather
Reduced imports from Turkmenistan (from 40 bcm to 10 bcm)
Ukraine is claimed to be taking more than contracted (150-170 mcm/day instead of 130 mcm)

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