Iraq's Electricity Problems

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As of December 2011, the output of electricity sector in Iraq averages more than 8,500 MW, while the demand is typically more than 14,000 MW

There is a growing problem of electricity shortage in Iraq. If you check the Brooking's index for Iraq, you will see "Average hours of electricity/day" progress.
But the story does not start here.... It was chronic for such a long time
In February of last year(2011)'s popular demonstrations took place in Baghdad and the various provinces demanding better services in the forefront of electricity and asked Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki's Hundred Days give him a chance to address these problems, most notably the electricity (average hours served) and the electricity crisis has aggravated rather than lessened.
According to Darel Hayat:
that the rate of the highest level of production of electricity for any month in the history of the Ministry of Electricity of Iraq was about 5,500 MW and that was in August (August 2011) ,When you add electricity imported by Iraq from outside its system (Iran and commercial stations in Kurdistan and commercial vessels in the Shatt al-Arab) the rate of supply of electricity in August 2011 is about 7900 MW which is also higher by about 26 percent than it was in ent of what it was in the same month of 2010 (4800 MW)
Iraq seems to depended on imports of electricity to a very large extent
Currently it is worse but will be worse by Summer of 2012, Mubasher claims:
Problems are:
1. Transmission sistem is old and needs rehab
2. Technical flaws in distribution network
3. Power plants to be built

It is expected that the Iraqi demand will hit 16000 MW, not even this capacity with imports will be enough...
Mubasher also claims the supply and demand is unmatched by 10000 MW.
Iraq needs a capacity of 18000 MW and you see lots of new contracts signed in the news

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