Answer : "corrosive hydrogen sulfide environment"

Nord vs South Stream are undersea pipelines. But there are different costs. Reason is below

Nord Stream: 1220 km ... 9 billion €
South Stream: 900 km depth 2150 ms ... expected cost with cost overruns 10 billion €
From Jamestown:
"As planned, South Stream’s seabed pipeline is shorter but more expensive than the Nord Stream One pipeline on the Baltic seabed. That Baltic line, completed in November 2011, runs 1,220 kilometers; and it has cost some 9 billion Euros ($11.4 billion) to build, rather than the 6 billion Euros ($7.6 billion) declared at the start in 2006. In light of that experience, cost overruns on South Stream must be anticipated, and the 10 billion Euros ($12.7 billion) initial estimate questioned accordingly"

From NG:
this is due to "corrosive hydrogen sulfide environment"

Алексей Давыдович Хайтун,

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