US's Shale, China's Coal Bed Methane

12:09 PM Posted by Baris Sanli
According to Chinese The National Energy Administration, China will increase natural gas through unconventional gas resources. It is not shale but CBD (Coal Bed Methane)
China's coal-bed methane output will reach 30 billion cubic meters in 2015."
The country aims to add 1 trillion cubic meters of coal-bed methane to its reserves over the next four years"
China will invest 116.6 billion yuan in coal-bed methane production over the next four years, and establish 13 pipelines with a capacity of 12 billion cubic meters"
The country's methane resources are estimated at 37 trillion cubic meters, ranking third in the world."
"China is targeting at least a 40-percent reduction in coal mine gas leak accidents and their death tolls by 2015,"

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