Demand Side:
“At least five Japanese-owned refineris with total capacity 1.5 million b/d (1/3rd of Japanese capacity is shutdown)” (Ref:1)
2. “Some 9.7 Gw of nuclear power generation—30% of Japan’s total nuclear power capacity and 7% of Japan’s total power generation capacity—were shut down” (Ref:1)
3. 9.7 GW= 9.7*8.000=77.6 TWh of nuclear energy should be substituted by natural gas and coal. Assuming 50% of this lost capacity to be substituted by LNG = 38.8 TWh. That much of electricity can be obtained by at least 7.09 bcm of LNG (Sources claim as much as 10 bcm)
4. Estimated additional demand of coal can be 5m-30m tonnes (Ref:2)

International Markets:
Natural gas prices : up 7.7% (Ref:2)
2. Oil : down 1.94% (Ref:2)
3. Coal: By April 1, previous record of $125/ton (Australia) may be topped. (Ref:2)

European Nuclear Firms:
European energy firms like EON(-8.52%) , RWE (-%7.95), EDF (-11%) (Ref:3)
- Also check mining firms from here : Ref:3
- "German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Tuesday that all seven of the country’s nuclear power plants which began operation before 1980 would be provisionally shut down." (Ref:5)

- There is probably more uninsured damage in the destruction of North East Japan than in any other event in history – and uninsured damage falls sharply on banks. (Ref:4)


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