Will wind turbines slow earth's rotation?

11:48 AM Posted by Baris Sanli

It may sound stupid to you, but this is actually true. Too many wind turbines may really slow down earth's rotation, but not to significantly. From Yahoo Answers :

"The effect on the Earth's rotation should be less than any effect on the wind. It wouldn't be significant and it might not even be measurable. Besides global climate change from burning coal to generate electricity will effect the Earth far more than the potential lose or gain of a picosecond in a day caused by wind turbines."

You can also check another discussion at Discovery Community website.
This is the basic problem with generating energy, like Heisenberg's Uncertainity Principle , when you try to use one kind of technology to harness an innocent energy type, you change other things.
But still, the key point is to have the minimal impact!
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