The cost of oil production capacity

5:19 PM Posted by Baris Sanli
Manouchehr Takin from Center for Global Energy Studies has a brief summary of oil production capacity costs here.
Here is a summary. Remember that the units is per peak daily barrel. That is if you want to build a 100.000 barrels per day peak capacity for Haradh III, you have to invest $2,500*100.000 = 250 million dollars at least."

Saudi Arabia
- $2,500 (per peak daily barrel) for development of the Haradh III zone of the supergiant Ghawar oilfield
- $10,000 for the massive Khurais et al development a
- $17,500 for the Manifa field

-$40,000 heavy oil projects of Iran
-$85,000 supergiant Kashagan field in Kazakhstan


The cost of Saudi Arabia’s oil production capacity, Manouchehr Takin,
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