Alternative Energy Myths

5:18 PM Posted by Baris Sanli
  • it would take more than 400 years of biodiesel use to "pay back" the carbon emitted by directly clearing peat for palm oil
  • The grain it takes to fill an SUV tank with ethanol could feed a hungry person for a year;
  • first new U.S. reactor is only scheduled for 2017
  • average U.S. household now has 26 plug-in devices
  • Only 4 percent of the energy used to power a typical incandescent bulb produces light; the rest is wasted
  • China is expected to build more square feet of real estate in the next 15 years than the United States has built in its entire history, and it has no green building codes or green building experience.
  • modern American refrigerators use three times less energy than 1970s models

    Baris's note : such a shame : "we can subtract a coal-fired megawatt every time we add a wind-powered megawatt". Coal works 6500-7000 hours/year, where wind hardly sees 3000 hours/year. It's capacity factor!
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